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Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

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i nominate this for best multiple-tweets of the year

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Stepping on Jordans in the hood prank

this is the cardinal sin you know if u step on some jays you gonna get your ass whooped, and they need to stop coming in the hood with this bs, im sorry but the last one has me screamingggg i was dyinggg these guys are idiots

In flatbush though lmaoo they gone get stabbed or jumped

death wish

This isn’t a joke, You don’t do shit like this.

these niggas was in brooklyn on labour day??? naaaw son

This shit is sicking now they physically touching people but black people are seen as wrong for getting upset because some dumb ass white boy wanted to destroy they property for a laugh

and so many people are going to criticize the Black people for being “overly sensitive, materialistic, and violent” like these boys got called the fuck out and they’re still using it.

white people love the phrase “in the hood” why can’t whites just keep to themselves and go film these pranks “in a Starbucks” because they’re gonna get killed one day for doing this shit and then the people getting “pranked” are gonna pay consequences for white people treating them like animals and ~*~fun experiments~*~ for YouTube

and the thing is they’re not white. i think they’re either middle eastern or nb latino?

true true true the message still kinda stands though, non Black people often treat Black people like they’re not people and just a source of entertainment

oh yes definitely! was just adding some more info.

I’m so tired of this. Someone kill them.



(Please note: the following is not spoiler-free.)

This post is in honor of the diverse and amazing sex scenes some of the writers in this fandom have created. To wit:

  1. Sex in a tent* (Lake Hope)
  2. Sex in a circus tent (The Knife Thrower’s Daughter)
  3. Sex…
D'Angelo - Brown Sugar


D’Angelo - Brown Sugar

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Anonymous said: Do you think Joanie had any reservations when Baker finally showed up at the door?


Joanie hears voices when she pads to the bathroom to pee. Voices coming from Hannah’s room, muffled and lazy behind the door. It’s half-past nine in the morning and Joanie doesn’t know why the fuck Hannah would have anyone in her room this early. Unless it’s…well, of course it is.

When she knocks on the door, Hannah answers with a grumbly “What?”

"Who’s in there?"

"Baker, Nosy. Who do you think?"

Joanie tries the door knob—they haven’t locked it. She raps her knuckles on the wood as she pushes the door in slowly, giving her sister enough time to stop her if need be.

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Goddammit Kelly


Someone please kill them.

These motherfuckers go to predominantely black neighborhoods to provoke this kind of reaction,and to say “See they are animals over a pair of shoes.” Like white motherfuckers don’t pay a shitload of money for fucking Jordans. And they only provoke BLACK MEN, and then say “It was a joke.” They will get seriously hurt for this shit,and it will be completely warranted,but send someone to prison(a black male)for being provoked. I hope these motherfuckers get hurt.

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littleoases replied to your post: This fucking heat:
think it’s that bad? come to the south

Big fat NOPE.




Melanie, Jane & Mig

Hail yes for everyone in this pic.





Melanie, Jane & Mig

Hail yes for everyone in this pic.


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This fucking heat:

Can go back to hell. Goddamn.